As a family farm, Funk Farms holds strongly to the values of stewardship and sustainability.  


Together, the General Manager and Board of  Trustees make decisions that result in a sustainable long range plan.


Conservation of the land and efficient utilization of the resources has long been a priority.  We follow a diverse rotation system to maintain productivity and moisture levels. Rotation reduces risk from soil-borne disease and weeds.  Rotations include corn and soybeans as well as alfalfa.


"Research Acres" at Funk Farms has been set aside to continuously conduct research since the early 1900's.


Other conservation practices include maintenance of hedge rows and buffer strips around edges of the crop fields, terraces and waterways. This includes pastures along the streams that pass through those fields.  We have developed crossings and established riparian areas along those streams as well.  


In 2012, Funk Farms Trust was the recipient of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Region 3 Environmental Stewardship Award.  This award is presented to conservation minded cattle producers who showcase the stewardship and business practices that exist together on progressive farms and ranches.  


Funk Farms Trust has also been certified as an Illinois Centennial Farm by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  To receive that designation, farmland must be owned by successive generations of the same family for at least 100 years.  Over it's 180 year history, the Funk family has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and progressive agriculture.  


We continue to look for ways to improve production and protect the environment.  This holds true with our manure composting operation.  Click here to learn more.