Pasture Grazed

The pasture grazed operation comprises a stocker unit that graze the 275 acres of established species of orchardgrass, bromegrass, tall fescue, red clover and white clover.  


Stocker cattle are grazed along the streams  with Management-intensive-Grazing (MiG) and rotational grazing.  With the MiG, pasture cattle graze through the nine paddock pasture on a 28 to 35 day rotation.  On the five paddock pasture, cattle are rotated on a similar time frame depending on time of year and rainfall.  


Waterers are placed throughout the cellular system that provides fresh water in each of the paddocks.  Also, the use of MiG greatly increases the productivity and carrying capacity of the pasture by providing fresh grass every three to five days.  

The pasture grazed cattle are marketed and processed through a local meat shop.  If you are interested in purchasing some our our premium pasture grazed cattle, please contact us by email or phone.